Monday, August 3, 2015

Auto-prompt "Make A Copy" for a Google Doc/Sheet/Form

Want to share a Google Drive file (Doc, Sheet, Slides, Form) but force the recipient to make their own copy (not view, edit, or collaborate on your original)?  Maybe you want to create a Parent Information Survey for Open House, then share it with other teachers so they can customize and make their own.  Well, you can!  And here's how:
  1. Get the share link for the Google file:
    • Click the blue Share button.  (If you don't see the sharing link, click Advanced in the lower-right corner of the Share pop-up window.)
    • Copy the sharing link.
    • Paste the link in the location where you need it (in an email, in an assignment, etc.).  
  2. Modify the link.
    • At the end of the long link, it will have something like: /edit?usp=sharing.
      Delete all the way up to the back-slash and enter the word “copy” (...
  3. Now, when recipients click on the link, they will be automatically prompted to make their won copy of the file!

Worth Noting:

  • Recipients will not have access to your original file; therefore, they will not have any updates you make to the file in the future.
  • This process (auto-prompt Make A Copy) is a little different for a Google Form.  You must share the link to the related "Responses" Sheet, not the Form.  Click here to read how.
  • Google Classroom can do this for you as well.  Once you attach a Drive file to an assignment, you can select the option to Make a Copy for Each Student

Link to Alice Keeler's more extensive blog post...

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