Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Google Searching & Research - Student Activities

Did you know you've been searching Google all wrong?!  
OK... not everyone has, but many of us, including our students, don't use the great advanced search features Google offers.  Let's change that!

Use these activities as assignments for your students (and/or try them yourself!)!  They include directions, learning (primarily video links), and an 'assignment' component for accountability.  You are free to Make a Copy and modify as desired, but please keep the credit note in the footer.

(intended to go together in this sequence)

  • Project: Comparing Perspectives - A 3-5 day challenge project for high school students. Can be modified for younger grades.  Consider changing the essay to a Slides presentation and/or making some choices for students, such as the event or countries to be researched.

Please share feedback in the comments section after you try these activities with students.  Happy effective searching!

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