Monday, May 9, 2016

Narrated Photo Slideshows

Narrated Slides and Digital Storytelling...  Not just for elementary school!  Students can develop "digital stories" with photos, drawings, text, narration, music, video, animations, and more.  The "stories" students tell may be narratives they have written, but they may also be explanations of math concepts, scientific conclusions, art techniques, or historical events.

The ability to teach others requires depth of knowledge, conceptual expertise, and creativity.  When students create digital stories, they are teaching others.  Creating digital stories engages students in deeper, meaningful learning.

What tools are great for Digital Storytelling?

There are loads of apps, websites, and software you can use to create digital stories.  Here are my current favorites:
  • YouTube: Create Slideshows with Audio
    If you are in a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district, then students already have a YouTube account!  I also like how seamlessly this option works on Chromebooks.
  • Adobe Spark 
    "Communciate with Impact" - Create posts, pages, and videos in minutes. Tap into the power of voice!
  • Videolicious (iPad app)
  • A new favorite for me, Videolicious has you load the images first.  Then, as you record your voice, you click through the images at your own pace.  Simple and intuitive.
  • Microsoft PhotoStory
    If you have access, this is phenomenal tool.  You can easily work through the creation phases, including designing your music or uploading a song from your computer.
    *Available in the Symantec Software Portal for OKCPS staff.
  • WeVideo
    A powerful video creation platform.  You can view the timelines, soundline, and more to easily adjust the details of your video.  Available as an app or through their website.
  • PowToon
    Create animated videos and presentations.  Tons of features and an intuitive interface!
  • Animoto
    Incredibly easy to use, but the free version will limit you.  You'll want to purchase the upgrade!
  • MySimpleShow
    "Create your own explainer video in minutes." Upload slides with text, customize the suggested images. and voila!

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