Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Treasures from Google Educator Level 2 Training

Some favorite things I learned while completing the training modules for Google Educator Level 2 Certification:

Video Chats and Broadcasts

  • Google Hangouts On Air 
    a special type of Google Hangouts that broadcasts your video live and uploads the recording to your public YouTube Channel
  • Google+ Communities to Connect Classrooms
    (like Mystery Skype or 'Skype in the Classroom' but with Google Hangouts)
    • Mystery Location Calls
      "a great resource to see if someone would be able to do a mystery hangout with your class.  This format makes students guess the location of the other class with yes or no questions" (Google)
    • Connected Classroom Community seek or find other classrooms for your students to connect with

Explore the World

  • Google Cultural Institute
    virtual field trips through images, stories, and panoramic views; includes Art Project, Historical Moments, and World Wonders
  • Google Lit Trips a bit tricky to navigate, but I love the idea of having students explore, then create their own!
  • Real World Math
    requires Google Earth; explorations and tasks by concept

  • docAppender - add on for Forms: append Google Form responses to selected Google Docs
  • Doc To Form - add-on for Docs: turn Documents into Forms
  • autoCrat - add-on for Sheets: create personalized Docs or PDFs using data from Sheets
  • Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) - add-on for Sheets: create an email template, then use data from Sheets to send personalized emails

Joy in Spreadsheets

  • Conditional Formatting
    so many options to make your Sheet data visual and meaningful
  • Insert > Chart
    check out all the amazing options for chart types. I specifically love the Org. Chart and Map Chart!
  • Pivot Tables
    try these to make meaning of data from gigantic spreadsheets


  • Hackathons plan and host a hackathon to find innovative solutions to a problem
  • Enhance Your YouTube Videos with Cards and End Screens

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