Monday, August 8, 2016

Customer Service & Education

Horst Schulze says "exceptional customer service" consists of three components:
  • Greeting
  • Product or Compliance to the Customer's Needs
  • Farewell
Exceptional customer service is about seeing and valuing people.  It is about personalizing the experience.  And its principles apply just as much in education as they do in business.

Just as 'common sense' is not common, these simple steps are not simple... they require intentionality.  Watch Schulze's unforgettable example defining customer service, then consider what exceptional customer service looks like for you and your role in education.  

Horst Schulze: GLS 2015 Bank Story from WCA Media on Vimeo.

Front Office Staff: You are the face of the school to parents and visitors.  You are the first impression.  Your 'customer service' has incredible impact to make visitors admire the school and feel valued.  

Administrators:  Your teacher and staff retention and effectiveness is impacted by how you deliver your Greeting, Product, and Farewell.  In the context of customer service to your staff, consider carefully what your 'products' are for the year.  These may be different from defining your expectations (equally important).

Teachers:  Greet your students at the door and know their names.  Personalize their learning by offering multiple modalities and styles. Empower them.  And never be too busy to send them off with a sincere "farewell" for the day.  Your potential for impact is so great it is truly immeasurable!

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