Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tables in Google Sites

Inserting a table into a Google Sites webpage is a great way to create clean sections and spacing.  The catch?!  Modifying and customizing tables in SItes requires editing the HTML code.

If the sound of the word "code" makes you want to run the other way, have no fear!  HTML is simply the behind-the-scenes director for what appears on your page.  You don't need to understand all of it to make some modifications!

HINT: Crtl + f   is your new best friend.
Once in the HTML section, Crtl + f  opens a search box. You can then type what you are looking for within the HTML code (such as "width" or "https").  Easily toggle to the section you need without scanning line after line of code.

Try It!
To get started, add a table to a page in your Google Site.  Then walk through the steps in this awesomely clear and simple blog post:

5 Tips for Great Looking Tables in Google Sites
The sections in this blog post include:

  • A Little Bit about the HTML for Tables
  • Accessing the HTML
  • #1 Remove a Table's Border
  • #2 Add a Background Color
  • #3 Center Your Table on the Page
  • #4 Add Some Room (padding) Between Table Cells
  • #5 Change the Width of Your Table

Borrow It!
After walking through the steps above, I ended up with the code below.  I then copied and pasted it into the HTML for many pages on the Site.

<table border="0" bordercolor="#888" cellspacing="00" cellpadding="15" style="width:90%;margin:0pt auto;font-size:13.3333px;line-height:16.6667px;border-collapse:collapse;border-color:rgb(136,136,136);border-width:0px">

Special thanks to Tech Smart @edu for her excellent blog post!

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