Friday, October 21, 2016

Get To Know Your Chromebook

Chromebooks are an amazing piece of hardware, especially for education, and here's why:

  • They are inexpensive compared to their cousin, the traditional laptop.  
  • They are great for multiple users, specifically when the device is shared by different classes or students throughout the day/week.  
  • Users log in to the Chromebook by logging into their Google account, so customization and files are saved to that user's Google account, not to the device itself.  
  • Chromebooks do not have a hard-drive; files are saved to the user's Google account in the cloud. Therefore, the device doesn't get bogged down by viruses or storage space.  
  • They boot-up in less than 3 seconds

If you want to get started using a Chromebook and help your students learn the nuances and tricks of the device, I suggest walking through the "Get To Know Your Chromebook" slides on the OKCPS Chromebook Central website.  The slides help you and your students learn how the trackpad works, how to access the camera, how to set your wallpaper, and more!
All credit for these slides goes to Jordan Shaff (@J_Shaff) and the EdTech Team in OKCPS!

You may also want to view Richard Byrne's video: "5 Tips for New Chromebook Users."

Happy Chromebooking Everyone!

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