Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Digital Differentiation: Answer Branching in Google Forms

How can you use answer-branching in Google Forms 
to support and differentiate learning?  

This 3-minute video will get your wheels turning!

Experience some Forms that use answer branching:
Learning Check-In & Support (from the video)

A  more ideas for answer-branching:
  • Create options for an assignment format.  
    Q1:  How would you like to demonstrate your understanding of [xyz]?
            A) write and perform a song, poem, or rap
            B) write a short story or news article
            C) prepare and record a screencast
            D) plan and create a video
    > Branch Sections:  Each answer choice then branches to a section explaining the directions, requirements, and expectations for that assignment format.
  • Create a daily behavior and/or learning reflection form.
    Students reflect and rate themselves on a scale.  Their answer choice could take them to a section containing a motivational quote, encouraging video, call to action, or further reflection question.
  • Empower students:  Have them design, create, or curate the learning support content, or even the entire Form!

Please share other ideas or example Forms in the Comments below!

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