Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Organizational Models & Team Project Management

If your role or passion involves organizational development, culture, and leadership, then it's worth your time to learn and consider Frederic Laloux's research and Agil/SCRUM methodologies.

Laloux Cultural Model (Organizational Models) + Agile

Based on the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux.

If this video perked your interest, you will enjoy the reflective article:  "Laloux Cultural Model and Agile Adoption" by Agile leader Peter Green.

Agile & SCRUM

SCRUM is an Agile Framework for complex product development.  Originating in the IT world, SCRUM is now being adapted and implemented by teams and organizations in a variety of sectors.  So, when you hear "product development," just think of projects with a large scope.  You can get the gist of SCRUM plus a 30-second video here!

Typical SCRUM methodologies use a few of my favorite things
(hence my enthusiasm for the process)
  1. Sticky Notes
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Flexible Roles (I recommend incorporating StrengthsFinder here!)
  4. Choice
  5. Clear,Measurable Goals
  6. Reflection

Connect & Learn More

A few worthy Agile/SCRUM folks to follow and connect with on Twitter:


Based on Laloux's colors, what color is yoru organization?  What color are you?  What color do you want your organization and/or self to shift toward, and why?  

What impact would implementing the SCRUM process have on your team?  ...on your products and projects?  

After reading this post:
What questions do you have  What resources do you need to explore further?  What are your action steps?

Your thoughts and reflections are welcome in the Comments section below.

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