ELA - Quick Resources and Ideas


  • 60-Second Recap - awesome short videos (and more) for all things literature
  • Metropolitan Library System (public library) + Overdrive app for ebooks and audiobooks on mobile devices
  • Librivox - free public domain audiobooks
  • ReadTheory.org - individualized reading comprehension practice for students (amazing)
  • Vocabulary.com - individualized practice with ability to create lists, both individual and class
  • ReadWorks.org - free subscription; PDF reading passages, some with questions, vocab, and answer keys; searchable by grade, text-type, topic, and more


  • Literary Gallery Walks - teams study one specific symbol or element throughout the reading, identify and analyze related significant quotes from the text, then prepare a creative project to share the significance of their symbol or element
  • Close Reading Annotation- teach students annotation skills and symbols; have them create posters at the beginning of the year
  • Textual Evidence Scavenger Hunt - students find quotes (textual evidence) to support or answer given questions (Be creative!)
  • Menus + Choice - give a clear learning objective and outcome (include criteria list or rubric), but the assignment or project is a menu of formats and options - Vocabulary Example ('make a copy,' customize, and use with your students)
  • On-going Creative Writing - students demonstrate new vocabulary and grammar usage by adding 3-6 sentences to an on-going creative writing piece throughout the quarter

  • Kami or Doc Hub App - Close Reading Annotation Tool... Similar to functionality in Google Docs, students can highlight, comment, and more, but on a PDF! Open a PDF preview in Google Drive, then add each app in the "Open With" section at the top.
  • Texthelp Study Skills - free Google Docs Add-On to create and sort highlights

The contents of this page will grow over time.

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